request headers

Being newbie in book blog community and being suck at making friends is not a good combination. So I think of some way to get friends that does not involve me starting a super awkward conversation.

The answer: using my pre-adequate photoshoping skill.

If you’d like me to make a header for your blog, please fill the form below on the comment section.

Url blog:
5 things you’d like to see on your header:
Note: (something like links to pictures you want me to use, url or quote or tagline you want to put there)

For instance, if the 5 things are salty, water, blue, blue, and blue, I’ll probably make something like this.

no, sorry
yes, this one

Another example, if you ask for salty, water, blue, blue food and yellow.


Please be noted that I need at least a week (or more) to finish a header after I approve one. Feedback will be very appreciated and you don’t have to use it if you don’t like it, it’s totally okay.


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