single crew


I’m 18 year old girl from this Java Island you’ve often heard as cafes’ name but don’t know the country (it’s Indonesia).

I mainly read middle grade, young adult, and new adult. My favourite is anything with mythology, self-destruct, and great amount of sarcasm. Yes, Percy Jackson is my all-time-favourite.

If I’m not reading, you’ll probably find me listening to this group called SHINee because they’re just amazing and I hope people stop sleeping on them for their own goodness (people’s I mean), binge-watching (or just regular-watching) some TV series/movies, doing anything that isn’t thing I need to get done, or staring at the emptiness.


I actually thought of becoming a doctor so I can say ‘Damn it Jim, I am a doctor not a miracle worker!’ but I gave up on the dream and decided to major Psychology instead.


Feel free to say hi or ask whether I think Chekov is a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

Twitter: @lumosseu (follow on your own risk eheh).


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